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  • So there are a lot of kinds of ESP8266 module... I'm wondering if anyone can give some thoughts on their relative merits.

    Obviously, the ESP-01 is out, without the GPIO lines available.

    There's the ESP-07, ESP-12, ESP-12E/F, and ESP-14

    All of those seem to use the same pinout, and advertise the same 4MB flash.

    The ESP-07 and ESP-12 seem to be identical, except that the ESP-07 has the ceramic antenna.
    My spider sense tells me that the ceramic antenna is better than the printed PCB antenna used on the other modules.

    The ESP-12E/F have the same pinout as the 07 and 12 - except they add that row of 6 pins along the bottom edge. However, it seems that those pins might as well not be there, since they're used for talking to the flash...

    Then there's the ESP-14, which claims to have a little STM 8-bit micro in it, and pipes the pins of this micro to most of the external pins - but as I understand it, those pins won't be accessible within Espruino, so this is of limited utility.

    So which of these should I be grabbing? I'm inclined at this point to think the 07 is the good one, assuming the ceramic antenna is better than the PCB trace one?

    Are there others that I should be looking at? Is the 07 the good one?

    My plan is to throw together a board design that brings the pins that need to be manipulated during flashing out to a button (so flashing is like "hold this button and run the flasher utility"), and breaks out the available GPIO pins to prototyping board including some power supply circuitry, and space to mount shit.


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