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  • Isn't there still a need to add mylib to make file ?

    At the moment, yes. As I'd said above, the ideal solution would be to have something in the Makefile that scanned the libs (or another) folder and included any files that it found.

    How would this help to share mylib ?

    You'd have to stick it on GitHub - I'd be happy to add a page to the website with instructions and a link to your (and others') code.

    Is Virtualbox a placeholder for any virtual tool ?

    Yes - assuming you can run a recent version of Linux on something (whatever) then it should be quite easy to make a script to install everything (in fact as @tve pointed out, you can pretty much just copy what .travis.yml does.


    The crypto libs shouldn't use up any RAM until they're used - they're really not that bad at all. It's HTTPS that's the killer (it can be compiled in separately), although even that doesn't use RAM until you use it.

    ... having said that, due to the way the ESP8266 works, the crypto libs could end up using some RAM as any constant arrays will be stored there by default :(


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