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  • @gordon, the copy example would copy mylib to folders, downloaded using git. Isn't there still a need to add mylib to make file ?
    How would this help to share mylib ? Isn't it still on my computer only?
    Creating a github for my mylibs could be done. So everybody could download, are you talking about that ? Is there a place where you would recommend to open a dictionary for tools like this ?

    Is Virtualbox a placeholder for any virtual tool ? There have been a lot of problems installing VirtualBox for me, and at the end I gave up. For example, it didn't let me install 64bit version. VMware is working fine for me, even the 64bit version, and installation ran fine the first time.

    In my understanding up to some minutes ago, please correct me if I'm wrong

    • crypto needs a lot of memory (ram and/or flash ?), and therefore it only fits to the pico. Since ESP8266 has more restrictions for memory, I didn't expect it to work.
    • crypto has a lot of SHAnn-functions in and can only be used as it is. To switch off some functions could be helpful.

    Right now, my computer is far away, therefore I cannot check immediately.
    Recommendation to use #ifdef in crypto would be a change on a standard library supported by you. Therefore I wouldn't like do any changes there. Especially for a port, still under development, which may be supported or not (there was a discussion about that). Last not least, my knowledge is too poor to feel good for changes like this.
    On the other hand, I fully agree to avoid reinvention of existing libs. Its always a bad decision, since both options could have their own pros and cons.


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