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  • Exciting and 'frustrating' at the same time:

    Something taking off as 'LedMatrix for 8 x 8 WS2812' and ending up in, for example, 'Options for build environments' or 'Ways / How to build customized firmware' tells me that Forum Editors / Curators of the old days are not dead, no matter how much 'google' we throw at any 'orphaned' forum. Since nobody has the time to do edit or there are just no means to sponsor it, 'google' is the 'least worst' option.

    Since creating new conversations and moving the stuff there is a lot of work and needs admin access, may be renaming this conversation is a way to go and have the topic ('issue'/'problem') introduced with 'LedMatrix for 8 x 8 WS2812' as the example at hand...

    Renaming though may not be the final answer since justice has to be done to really 'LedMatrix for 8 x 8 WS2812' specifics in this thread...

    I should have made a 'link' and start a new thread with 'DLL' subject, since it was not on the level of ''LedMatrix for 8 x 8 WS2812'... and @Gorden, when you see things like that, just make a link and create a conversation that show the right direction... (to all of us 'lost' sheep - sorry, no offense to any one related). Talking about direction, it would then be less a conversation or response to a post in a conversation, but more a statement... after all, you are the mastermind (Graue Eminenz - sorry for the only partially accurate Francophonism/Germanism) behind all of this.


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