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  • Vagrant would be the way to go if it works. To be honest even a script that installed the relevant tools on a basic Linux install would be good - then all you'd need is Virtualbox.

    I was experimenting with jslinux and almost got it working (Fabrice Bellard gave the Ok to use it as well) - it'd be great to be able to point users at a website with the VM already on it.

    On the other hand, I would like to share them to others

    Maybe put them on GitHub with a script a bit like this?

    git clone­
    cp -r mylib Espruino/libs
    cd Espruino
    PICO_1V3=1 make

    The only thing missing for that to work is something in the Makefile that would automatically search for and include sub-makefiles in the libs folder. That could tidy a lot of things up anyway.

    next project will be an SHA1 implementation

    :( You know there is already require("crypto").SHA1(...)? IMO it'd make more sense to just #ifdef out SHAxxx and AES if you don't want them, rather than just reimplementing what is already there?

    I think the crypto library (without HTTPS) would 'just work' on ESP8266 anyway. Worth a try - just add USE_CRYPTO=1 RELEASE=1 to the Make command-line.


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