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  • About the only thing that'd help (IMO) is a make menuconfig sort of thing that could automatically scan the libs folder for modules that you could choose whether you wanted to include or not. @Gordon

    I was thinking of something like that too... in the form of installing/enabling (new) software in, for example, eclipse, is implemented: including the dependencies and - because memory is a hard constraint - cumulated memory requirement.

    So far I did not tackle building my own firmware - shying away from getting lost in all the details as @JumJum describes. @alexanderbrevig, thanks for your outline... which for some items is a bit more than outline, but still many of the the items have their caveats. Not for nothing the forum is 'littered' with conversations of many posts to build the firmware. This is not questioning at all what @Gordon and other outstanding contributors make available through github and forum: it's just the 'crux' of the thing of many, many, heavy interdependent, moving parts. No issue for someone having grown up within, trying to enter from different fields of professions though something a daunting task. Nevertheless exciting, time (resource) is just not always on the driver's side... ;). I'm glad the forum exists and shows in - literally - deed the great willingness to share!


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