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  • I would not agree to the point "not that hard to compile".
    First of all, you would need an environment to get compiling running. Without Neils video I wouldn't have tried to get this running. And even with that, a lot of those unexpected problems, that you have to expect, occured.
    To get "my firmware" compiled, no changes have been made to make file. Only changes are in existing files for ESP8266. No idea right now, how actual espruino version from github could be used without loosing those changes, needed to get my firmware compiled. Lack of knowledge is obviously one part of the answer ;-)
    My assumption is that more than 75% of Espruino users don't have time and/or knowledge to get this done. Next assumption is that we will have more than one extension, that some people would like to have. For example, once I got my WS2812-class running, next project will be an SHA1 implementation. For Websockets I don't need the full blown crypt with all the memory problems comin up. Latest at this time, I need to change makefile.
    Both extensions will not make it into the standard firmware for Espruino, they are not really designed for that. On the other hand, I would like to share them to others. And here @allObjects comment comes in. How could we support sharing this to more Espruino users than those having the ability to compile their own version ?
    BTW, just took a first look to Docker/Vagrant. From my point of view, its a first step only. Installation of developer environment with all those "unexpected problems" took a long time, and doing all of this with a script file seems to be, at least, very complex. To give an example, on my VM I never got the USB-flasher running. Or another one, never got Oracle VM running, using VMware right now, which is fine for a hobby developer but for companies ? Not even talking about using Linux, which is not that easy for windows guys.


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