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  • Hmmm....

    I was thinking I'd use the same scheme as the evaluation board for the RF pins (one going to a through hole, the other going to an SMA connector. I don't have the expertise to put the antenna on the board, since you need to do impedance matching for that, and that's a dark art in which I am not skilled.

    Originally, I was thinking I'd break out the GPIO lines to rows of through holes, and then put Gnd/Vcc/Tx/Rx on one row of pins, so people could easily connect to them. And maybe a spot to put a 3.3v regulator.

    If we were to make it Pico-friendly.... the pico would go where? Soldered to the bottom? In that case, there would have to be a second batch of through holes to make the Pico pins accessible (since only a couple of them would be connected to the Pico), since a microcontroller that can only talk to wireless and has no other hardware connected isn't very interesting. But this extra row of pins might be objectionable for people using it with things other than Espruino...



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