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  • Thanks! I had no idea the Digispark used so much power. I wonder what's going on with that. I'd been thinking of using a tiny Arduino-inspired board for some things (Atmega 328 based) and wonder if it has the same issue.

    My application does need an accurate (xtal) RTC, so it's good that it's doable. It would be great if a version was available with the xtal already on it.

    I also need to do some realtime processing (audio signals) in the app--is it reasonable to do that on the Espruino? I can stand a few msec of delay in the system so the JS either needs to be relatively pause-free with the output clocked out on a timer tick, or the realtime stuff could be in a separate task if there's some kind of RTOS. The realtime stuff would probably be written in C either way, or at least call some C code.

    Separate issue/question: I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but why Javascript? I.e. I wonder what the tradeoffs are between JS, MicroPython, eLua, or various Lisp-ish dialects, all of which could run on this class of hardware.


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