• Well, I think it should be possible. It'd totally depend on the type of FPGA what you had to do to get it to work, but I'm sure you could send configuration data over.

    I think it'd be hard to get the JS to modify the FPGA directly, but you could have several different configurations in flash or an SD card and you could write the required one in as needed.

    ... I actually used to work for Altera, developing a compiler that made C code run on an FPGA. You could definitely get some subset of JS running on an FPGA, but it'd require a lot of work, and the compiler for that is never going to fit on Espruino itself :)

    Also it's really not (at least when we did it) a matter of just running code directly on an FPGA and it being faster. If you want to get any kind of performance you've got to think really hard about exactly how your code maps onto the hardware (adds, multiplies, etc) when you write it.

    Did you have anything particular in mind that you wanted to use it for?


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