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    When last we exchanged correspondence, you had provided me a sample which, when run for a couple of hours crashed. I was able to run the sample sample and mine too crashed after periods of time. As I dug deep into this, I found that, on occasion, the HTTP call to thingspeak failed in the GET request. That is ok ... that should be a potential occurrence. However, the Espruino port to the ESP8266 was doing something bad. It was ignoring the notification that the HTTP request connection had failed and keeping ESP8266 resources locked up. Since the poor old ESP8266 running Espruino has so little RAM to start with, a couple of such failures and we quickly ended up out of memory.

    As part of Issue #595, we added a detection of a failure to form a connection and associated cleanup. What that means is that when an HTTP request to a partner fails, ESP8266 will now detect that occurrence AND release the Espruino/ESP8266 resources.

    Any build north of 2015-11-14 should contain the fix.


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