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  • specify where the eeprom area should start?
    That's the optional first argument of the module? I don't think it needs to go in the firmware...

    Mhh, you seem to be taking a very stm32-centric view. On the esp8266 the flash_start and flash_length values don't make a ton of sense because there are multiple areas with settings and such. Flash_start+Flash_length=Flash_end, basically, so you can't put anything beyond that. So the way this is coded, a user has to go and look up the memory map and decide into which gap to put the 4KB eeprom page.
    If you would allow process.memory() to have an "eeprom" field, or "scratch_flash" field that could be populated by the device dependent code then it could be coded to just work. As it is, it only "just works" on the pico and for the esp8266 the user has to (a) discover that there's a problem and (b) dig out the answer, and (c) modify the code. That doesn't make for portable code (consider what happens when someone publishes a module that uses the flasheeprom).


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