• Hi @gnz,

    I look forward to see projects taking their power both from LoRaWAN and Espruino :-) That is a good thing too, to see such projects in Switzerland.. There is not so many people here to work on IoT .

    Your wiring seems OK. For the antenna, you could just solder a wire 8.6[cm] long, which is a 1/4 wavelength antenna. This should work fine. (it is important that the ground pins 22 and 24 of the RN27483 are connected to ground, as they will act as the reference voltage for the antenna.

    Once done, the software should be straightforward:

    //UART init
    var RN2483=Serial1.setup(57600/*baud*/,{tx:B­6,rx:B7});
    // RN2483 Reset
    RN2483.print("sys reset\r\n");
    // your application code...