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  • Hi guys,

    I'm part of a community deploying an open/free LoRaWAN network in Zurich ( and I'd love to be able to use my Espruinos to connect to it. I got a couple of Microchip RN2483 modules (LoRaWAN transceiver) that provide a serial interface, but I really don't have the skills to wire it up to the Espruino Pico.

    Could you please give me a hand on how I should wire it? What I've found is this schematics:­3/LoRa%20QuickStart%20Guide%20(English).­pdf?dl=0 targeted at Arduino.

    So, my (likely poor!) understanding of all this is that I should wire as follows:

    1. All 13 GND pins on the RN2483 to GND.
    2. Pin 12 and 34 (VDD) to the 3.3 pin on the Espruino Pico (would it be better to connect one to each 3.3 on the Pico? or both to the same?)
    3. Pin 6 (UART_TX) to B7 (USART1_RX) on Espruino Pico
    4. Pin 7 (UART_RX) to B6 (USART1_TX) on Espruino Pico
    5. Pin 23 (RFH, because I want to use 868Mhz band) to the Antenna? I don't understand the details here in the schematics.

    Once wiring is done, creating a driver for this should be almost trivial. I guess is just a matter of adapting this sample code to Espruino.



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