• @Dennis, I see where you're going... and it will provide all the means to make the code robust: TDD / XP.

    For certain things I started to develop in a browser environment - next would be adding node.js - where all the whistles and bells can be applied EEPROM/MRAM/FRAM related memory manager with garbage collect. html file linked/uploaded in the post can be run directly in the browser with regression test visualization (see attached screen shot). Some of the code is already structured towards port to Espruino HW.

    To complte the story a core is piece missing: Espruiono Standard/Pico emulator... may be at one time it will be there. Until then a smart layering to separate 'logiciel' from 'meteriel' - SW from HW - can help to test with great coverage. There is some memory price to pay for layering, but as long the few bytes are available, it may well be worth. Additional optimization can always be built into the build and deploy steps.

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