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  • Q: what is flash.length set to? Basically are you putting the eeprom area by default just after the flashed code/data, such that it gets lots if a new version of espruino changes the length in pages? Wouldn't it be better to add a param to the board config to specify where the eeprom area should start? At least going forward that would be safer.

    Have you thought of any CRC to validate that the eeprom contents is still valid and hasn't been corrupted?

    This module only works on a single flash page, correct? Might be nice to state that.

    It looks like the addr parameter of FlashEEPROM.prototype.readAll is not used?

    What are the memory requirements of this module in order to rewrite the data? If the flash area contains, say, 1KB of data the memory requirements will be much more than that, right? Have you thought of using two pages in order to incrementally copy from one to the other? This would also avoid data loss in case the flash page write gets interrupted.


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