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  • When working with Thing Speak, we need to assume that Thing Speak may ignore our HTTP GET request ... when that happens, the lack of the ability to form a connection is not handled by the ESP8266 and it keeps the socket open.

    I do not believe that your statement is correct. If the connection fails you will get a "recon_cb".

  • @tve
    Re #26 ... you are 110% correct ... but unfortunately ... so am I. When I wrote the original post, the lack of ability to form a connection WAS indeed not being handled by the ESP8266 (Espruino port).

    Since then, code has been added to the espconn_reconn_cb() via issue #595.

    So ... YES ... handling a lack of connection CAN be caught in the espconn_reconn_cb() and YES ... at the time of writing ... handling a lack of connection was NOT being handled (but is now).


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