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  • @Gordon ... In post #24 ... that was a written recap of what I understood in post #21. I am a big one for verbose but less ambiguous wording when it comes to technology discussions. So yes ... #24 was what you said in #21 ...

    The absence of anyone having made a fuss in the past is not an indication that we have quality or correctness now. I'm a big fan of shooting for the best we can possibly do. You are the architect of all ... if you don't feel that there is value in this area then it is up to folks who think otherwise to civilly make their cases for change to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the decisions for or against a change. My data point is that on("error"), is desirous ... it isn't vital (yet) ... but would have relative high priority in the networking work items.

    I changed the error handler in the ESP8266 port to now detect connection failures and in subsequent sends() requests does now indeed return -1 ...

    However ... now I find that causes a problem because I now get:

    ERROR: Socket error -1 while sending

    On my console ... but worse ... my app ends because of the exception because I am no-longer able to detect when I should trigger a setTimeout() for the next round ... I would have to have an on("error") handler (or the solution you suggested using the timer .... which I respectfully ... simply don't like).


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