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  • Howdy Ducky ... this warning can be found as a tracked issue here:­ues/675

    Thankfully the warning can be "ignored" and all should function. This one needs @Gordon to look into it as it appears to relate to files managed by the Web Server located at "". My loose understanding is that when we use the Web IDE and execute a "require" then that causes a REST request to be made from the IDE back to "" which, loosely, says "I would like a copy of the JavaScript corresponding to that named module". I believe that the REST request also includes the type of board you are using so that if there is board specific code, that can be matched correctly. Since the board you are using is an "ESP8266" and, currently, the web site doesn't know what that is ... you get a warning message. However, since the module is actually "built-in" to the ESP8266 firmware, all still works as there was nothing to be downloaded in the first place.


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