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    a) Different layout and wiring for a shim with the shape like the version 1 and 2 for ESP8266 could be good option. If not extending in same plane, a thin one could be soldered on top rather on bottom. It culd even be soldered on a PICO that is already pinned... and to gain extra stability, the shim could include PICO's end holes.

    b) I liked the narrow format because it still fits into adjacent USBs with 'decent' gap.

    c) If to go wider, then only 0.1", that means: header pins will lay in the castellations and Espruino PICO becomes a classical JEDEC format: 2x14=28 or 2x20=40 pins... with machined pin headers it can then be 'socketed'... (but may not fit in adjacent USBs anymore).

    Btw, coerced also my ESP8266-01 to be breadboard friendly... as you can see the niche Crawler Critter in the attachments...

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