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  • dunno whether something else uses interrupts...

    ...that's why I liked the Superbrain on CP/M... one Z80 for main, a second one Z80 to handle all the IO chips, and the OS was 8..10KBytes (including BIOS) - mass storage address space 8+MB. Worst case, you could manually disassemble it... Parts of it I did to figure out why the two SIOs did just not do what they were supposed to do.

    PS: This post is supposed to just break your monologue... which by the way is great to follow... enabling to live in a few seconds through hours of pains of yours... ;-) - and to share your 'sorrows'. If the tooling / toolchains would be a bit more easy to grasp (for me), I could contribute a little bit more then just distract you.


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