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  • The top connectors come from an 28-pin IC socket with machined pins, and allow quick single connections without bread board.

    The bootom are machned round pings. To fit both in the standard hole, I filed them half way of... ;-)

    Adding the top connectors adds additional stability. I'm loking forward to an alternate board with 2x14 = 28 pins, breadboard friendly, with padds on the bottom for a ESP8266-09 and SMT pads on the top (for EEPROM / FRAM / MRAM / Atmel Crypto Chip,...

    The Atmel Crypto / CryptoAuthentication devices have same pinout and protocol as serial EEPROM and include encryption engine and (secur) storage... for example Atmel-8664-CryptoMem-Low-Density / 1..8Kbit.


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