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  • After another tour of most of the pieces involved I'm coming to the conclusion that the best bet is to swallow the FreeRTOS pill. LwIP and WICED WWD can be run without, but it's not great (lots of polling) and then there's still the issue that Espruino doesn't mind disappearing into JS code for arbitrary amounts of time. Using FreeRTOS will ensure that the network keeps running using preemptible tasks.

    What seems to make a lot of sense is to integrate FreeRTOS and LwIP from original sources into Espruino, and then integrate WICED WWD using the integration files it provides as a starting point. WICED has LwIP1.4.0rc1 when LwIP1.4.1 is the latest release, and it has FreeRTOS 7 when the current release is 8 (and does away with those horrible name prefixes). I don't think I'm up for this at the moment, though, so I'll probably try to just glue whatever WICED comes with into Espruino for starters...


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