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  • I'm looking at WICED, in particular the lower WWD layer, LwIP, and FreeRTOS. I think there are two reasonably clean ways to proceed. One is to strip things to the minimum and remove FreeRTOS. Basically use the scheduling functionality or idle loop in Espruino to call into LwIP and use the raw interface in LwIP so there's only one thread involved. None of the sockets layer stuff, which needs to run in a second thread. I have not looked whether WWD supports this mode of operation, but I suspect it does.
    The second approach would be to cleanly integrate with FreeRTOS. At a very minimum this means ensuring that interrupt handlers in Espruino play nice with it, but I suspect that there's more to it.
    Overall I think that we'll see the FreeRTOS & LwIP combination more and more, so having a clear and clean strategy would be smart.


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