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  • Hi there !

    About the SD Card page, I can write one / some of its content if you wish ;p
    -> I built 2 adapters & wired one to a Pico, maybe the pics I took while doing so may be useful to some users ( as did the pics above for me ;) )

    Moreover, I have a little question regarding the SDCard waveform stream:
    I may be doing something "wrong" ( aka wiring stuff directly, without no resistor nor cap ), but it seems whatever the raw audio file I try, with whatever sample rate, I just can't play correct audio on the Pico from the SD ( even with files tinier than 8kB, ex 4kB ).

    Beeping/buzzing is fine, but I intended to play PCM audio so .. not exactly right for my usage ..

    thu, does anyone have a repo where I could find some samples that are working on the Pico ?
    Nb: I didn't try ( yet ) to convert some to strings using the converter page ( .. ), but it'd be way more cumbersome than just loading these off the SD ..

    Looking forward to reading from you on this, keep up the good work ++

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