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  • People who were pushing for WebSockets before wanted them for realtime control. So in that case they wanted Espruino to serve up a webpage with some stuff on, which then communicated with Espruino via Websockets. For that you'd need a server inside Espruino.

    My message above wasn't getting at your client implementation, that's great! - it was just because @JumJum had been looking at creating a Websocket server in JS, and I wanted to point out to anyone else that there was already a bit of the work started.

    It's a good thought about the public server. I'd be a bit worried about doing it right now, but when TLS support gets put in I'll definitely think about it (although it's all more development time ;)

    Having said that, if I control the server and the client, Is there a reason I should use Websockets as opposed to 'normal' sockets?


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