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  • Hi, anyone could help to run measurements from this sensor run on Espruino?
    there is only few arduino codes I found, but they are made for different module I have,
    pinout are not the same.
    My module is one of this­1PCS-X-New-CO2-sensor-module-MG811-modul­e-free-shipping/437150_1374147854.html
    Found somewhere in the web that it is equipped into op amp to.
    There is 5 pins: Vcc,Aout,Dout,GND and Tcm.
    I think Aout is analog output, Dout digitalone? and not sure about Tcm,
    there is two potentiometers for TTL signal adjustments and signal amplification.
    Module needs 6V for heating and after while should give correct readings.
    I get some value on analogRead but first they are inverted, so when blow into the sensor reading decrease and when stop readings rise to the start level. So can't map it like in arduino style way eg.

    float co2 = analogRead(A0);
    float ppm = map(co2,0,1023,400,10000);

    and get readings like when blow ppm rise, when stop ppm drop

    sensor measure CO2 concentration from 400ppm to 10000ppm - like datasheet said
    in this range it will change voltage output at very small range (30mV)

    would like to run it on Espruiono, if anyone could help I can provide links about this module I found till this time


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