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  • Guys, I've managed to write a websocket module for Espruino, you can try it out here:

    Please bare in mind it is still in an early stage, please let me know if you are facing any issues

  • Can this be used on the ESP8266 as the espruino. Like the ported version?

  • @sameh.hady thanks for writing a ws module :) this will come in handy with node-webkit. Someone can create a GUI and a ws server in node-webkit and you'll have a nice "dashboard" interface that can update in real time :)

    Anyways, in the past I created a node.js ws server, but it would crash out of no where. Is there anything that anyone can do to catch the exception and keep the node.js ws server from crashing or detect a crash and re-initialize the node.js ws server?


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