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  • @tve thanks - nice idea about the multi-line contents... I wonder if there's a nice way to do that with HTML?

    @asez73 ahh - no, you can't debug code that's run right as you upload it. Easiest way is just to run it after you've uploaded - either by manually typing the function name, or by adding a setTimeout.

    @Rollo yes - you're looking for whether it says TIM# under the list of functions that gets returned...

    @JumJum unfortunately no - Espruino doesn't know what line number anything is, as it's just uploaded in-line. I was trying to think of a nice way to handle that, but I'm not sure how :)

  • @Gordon, thanks, I had not thought to the timeout approach.
    Yet, it won't solve my problem as I am really running out of ram. I need to execute the function in question before any other thing which I placed in the following lines of the code, I then delete my function factory so as to end up the object's events handlers.
    Could it be possible to have a functionality to load files from the web ide on demand from the espruino board through USB connection?
    Obviously the web ide and the interpreter would have to be tightly integrated.


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