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  • Which menu? It'd be insane if they were all down the left hand side :)

    There's the Tutorials and Examples page, but that doesn't have everything.

    It'd definitely be worth having a 'table of contents' kind of page. Might be a good start for trying to organise everything ready for a printable book as well?

    As @Ollie says I have a whole load of stuff to do right now (especially with a talk and then Maker Faire Rome next week), so if anyone fancied trying it... :)

    It should be pretty easy to add something to the root of EspruinoDocs - if you look at you can include pages by keyword (eg. the actual hardware devices), then it's just a matter of getting the actual 'reference' stuff linked in by hand. There's probably a load of duplication/mis-filed stuff too now :)

    ... we could add an APPEND_EVERYTHING_ELSE keyword to the site builder as well, which would help to pick up unreferenced pages.


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