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  • @Gordon how & when would you like to handle merging my esp8266 fork back into mainline? There are a number of things still on my todo list:

    1. supporting timers
    2. reviewing GPIO (I don't understand why there are only 8 in Espruino when the esp8266 has 16)
    3. adding i2c support
    4. revisiting Wifi & its initialization
    5. getting someone else to test my fork a bit, specially on 512KB modules and non-linux compilation
    6. reformatting the esp8266 files to have the same indentation as the rest of espruino

    I plan to spend significant time on this this week-end, but I'll be working very little (if any) on it this coming week. Dunno whether you want to sync up. Of course anyone can merge my fork to their fork or mainline anytime.


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