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  • I think we have just achieved a milestone. We now have an ESP8266 running a simple HTTP server where the JavaScript to do that should be the same generic JavaScript as would be used for other Espruino boards.

    The sample JavaScript used is:

    var http = require("http");
    var httpSrv = http.createServer(function(request, response) {
        if (request.url == "/hello") {
            response.write("<b>Welcome</b> to the ESP8266 test.");
        } else if (request.url == "/goodbye") {
            response.write("<b>Please</b> come back again soon.");
        } else {
            response.write("Sorry ... I didn't understand!");

    The latest binaries of the firmware as of 9/25 onwards should be used for testing. See here for URL information:­266-espurino/wiki/07-Samples


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