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  • Thanks!

    I reckon what you're trying to do with the Sandbox repository is actually something that you could do with branches on your own repository. It's pretty much like having a separate repo, only you can pull in changes from other places, push your changes back, or delete them.

    It would really be worth having a play around with them - it'll save you a lot of time and heartache!

    Didn't realise about the naming - it definitely makes sense to use esp8266 naming for now (its surprisingly similar to Espruino's, just not quite there!)

    I reckon it'd be worth pulling the ESP8266 stuff into the main Espruino repo as soon as possible though - it doesn't matter if it's finished or not. It's not going to hurt anything else as pretty much all your changes will be in libs/network/esp8266 by the look of it?

    I think I should probably just start some pages on EspruinoDocs (that will end up on the main Espruino site) about the Espruino code itself - and maybe you could contribute to those? Because it's GitHub as well, the UI is almost identical to the Wiki.

    Is it ok if I copy/pasted some of your existing documentation?

    I'm doing a lot of answering questions on Espruino internals lately, and as @mjdietz is doing work on porting to NRF52 chips it makes sense to have all this stuff in one place rather than pasted all over the forum.

    I've also noticed I tended to write documentation inside source files - which is actually pretty hard to find sometimes. It'd be well worth me referencing it from some main human-readable place :)


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