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  • Seconding what @Gordon said, @aplikatika is the father and originator of this porting project. When I got involved, the port was already functioning at the GPIO level and at the JavaScript level just fine. We consider the first work a successful proof of concept and like any proof of concept, we will do anything to get it working. This second phase is the slow, methodical drudgery of detailed architecture mapping Espruino models of the world to what is meaningful on ESP8266 and adding as much polish and support as possible before the 1st inclusion in Espruino proper.

    This is an open source port and once done will be fully merged with the master repository (assuming it passes all the necessary quality tests). At that time, the Espruino port to ESP8266 project as a separate entity will come to an end and the GitHub project deleted. What will remain is a single project (Espruino) where the good folks who worked on the original will still be available for any ESP8266 specific issues.


    VERY early testing of a binary distribution has started. See the following:­-ESP8266

    For the last couple of days (2015-09-21 - 2015-09-22). This is NOT a release. Again ... it is NOT stable and should only be attempted by those who are super interested. However, we do need testers who will validate that the basics are present and also so that we can start making fix lists.


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