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  • @allObjects yeah, the whole point was to get that experience, to get a feel for what I was working with.

    Assembling my own boards does turn out a bit cheaper than the pico. Here's a quick breakdown:
    $2.80 - STM32F401RCT6 (lower spec than the pico, but I managed to get some heavily discounted)
    $1.50 - pcb (small run, gets a lot cheaper in large quantities)
    $1.50 - connectors/headers
    $1.00 - regulator
    $2.50 - crystal
    $4.00 - other components

    So it is costing me ~$14 per board when buying parts for 15 to 20 boards at the moment. Getting the STM32's that cheap was a one-off, and because they're lower spec than the pico's means that it'd cost closer to $20 each, ignoring setup costs, accidents and prototyping. Considering assembly, handling, and distributor costs, I'm pretty impressed at the pico's price!


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