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  • I met someone at a UK maker faire that was pushing 'shrimping' - ( I think). I guess the name is supposed to seem more friendly, but it does sound kind of odd :)

    Due to a really shitty decision by UK education authorities, for some electronics projects in school kids absolutely have to use bare chips (no modules allowed), so they're actually very limited with what they can do.

    I think it probably 'feels' better using the bare chips - although I agree about the costs of the Chinese clones. I had to buy the chips for this new batch of Picos, but buying in quantity in China makes a massive difference - I can buy them for at least 1/4 of the price you'd pay if you went to DigiKey or somewhere. I'd be pretty sure that trying to make your own Pico will end up costing you more than the $25 they sell for.

    It's just a shame ST don't do DIP packaged STM32s - they'd be significantly more interesting with Espruino on them :)


    You know those boards have Nucleo.D0/A0/etc defined? Could make your life a bit less tedious :)


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