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  • Thanks for all the info - I'll give it a go and see what happens!

    If anyone is interested, I looked in the brd file and your ratbites are 0.5mm drill holes.

    I'm not sure if this is useful, but when doing the Pico the second time, Jaltek wanted me to panellize everything for them. I never actually ended up doing it, but I was fiddling with Eagle script files for it.

    They look a bit like this, and you use them with a command line like eagle -Spanel.scr panel.brd

    # Kill all current contents
    DELETE (c > 0 0);
    # Set up board
    GRID mm;
    DRC LOAD ./espruino.dru;
    CHANGE DRILL 0.3302;
    # Add boards
    DISPLAY NONE Top Bottom Pads Vias Unrouted Dimension tNames bNames;
    PASTE R90 a_board1.brd (13 20);
    PASTE R90 a_board2.brd (34 20);
    PASTE R90 a_board3.brd (55 20);
    PASTE R90 a_board4.brd (76 20);
    # add wire
    LAYER Bottom;
    WIRE 'VCC' 0.2032 (3 11.25) (87 11.25);

    It never actually goes near the schematic file, but you end up with a stand-alone board file containing all the sub-boards.

    If I do something with the Pico adaptor shims I'll have a go at doing it that way - it'd be nice to have a clear, reproducable way of getting stuff in a panel.


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