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  • @the1laz on the F401 you don't even need the ST-link. As long as you can boot it with BOOT0=1 and BOOT1=0 (IIRC) it'll pop into USB DFU bootloader mode, and you can flash it right from USB.


    It's a shame the chips don't come in DIP packages. I was wondering whether we couldn't just come up with a DIP-style board that contained just the bare minimum support circuitry. If you're not using USB then you don't need the crystal and just a few caps are all you need.

    ... in fact STM32F0x2 don't even need a crystal for USB - although there would be a small amount of porting work needed to support the F0 (and it looks like the highest-end one right now is 128kB flash, so only just big enough).

  • What software do you use to flash it over DFU? Is there some driver that I need? I think I tried to get it into DFU bootloader mode a few weeks ago but didn't see the device recognised and couldn't be bothered working out what was wrong, but it would be really handy to be able to do initial flashes over USB!


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