• "Shrimping"? "shrimping" sounds like a euphemism for some deviant sex act, not something to do with electronics... I've never heard it called that. Also, that page implies that the decoupling caps are optional on AVRs. They are not, and boards that omit them will suffer from unpredictable instability, particularly while programming the chip.

    I've more often seen "shrinkify" for moving devices down onto smaller boards (smaller boards and smaller chips, ie, ATTiny)...

    I'm not really sure what people would shrink to though - you can make something a little cheaper than the pico, but not by much, unless you've got @Gordon's ST connections. The STM32F401 that the Pico uses is like $8 from digikey, and other STM32 chips are in the same ballpark, and since you need your own board made too... It's certainly not like on Arduino, where you can replace a $30 uno with a $2.25 pro mini knockoff or $4 breadboarduino. And there ain't no way you're going to get something physically smaller than the pico!


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