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  • Following from the other discussion. The 5x2 header looks a lot like Olimex UEXT.

  • The way I've been getting panelized boards from my dirty hookup in china is thus:

    • Board outline encompases the whole 5x5 or 10x10 cm area.
    • I start by making all the designs in one sch/brd file. If putting multiple copies of a design on one panel, yeah, I do copy/paste, which is annoying. I'm pretty sure there is a better way to do this, I just don't know it. When I had to make a panel with multiples of my tiny 85 project boards (¬≠ttiny85-project-board/ ), since you can't just copy/paste everything in board ("please do this in schematic"), I copy/pasted just the traces, and then copy/pasted the parts in schematic, and positioned them appropriately using the traces as a guide - Naturally, eagle got really confused and said everything was unconnected and overlapping, but the boards came out fine.
    • I draw the lines between them on the milling layer. I haven't pushed it to see how thin they'll let me make the cuts between the boards, I think I've used .032, .04, .05" widths.
    • I leave gaps in the milling layer for the ratbites, and make them with a couple of small holes in a row.

    I sent you a .sch and .brd via PM that show an example of a panelized board (the CH340G boards - not some of my best work, for a variety of reasons)

    @cwilt - I think you meant to post that in the other thread?


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