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  • Yes, that'd be great - I don't actually have an HM-10 to test with so I can't do this.

    Just a simple bit of code that I could stick on the BLE page would be extremely handy.

    However it looks like there's a good PDF on HM-10 iBeacons here - it looks like just sending the magic sequence of commands from the iBeacon Configuration bit should do it:

    setTimeout(function() {
      var major = "0x1234":
      var minor = "0xFA01":
      var name = "ESPRUINO";
      Serial1.print("AT+PWRM0\r\n");// Enable auto-sleep
    }, 1000); 

    Ideally we could come up with an HM10-iBeacon module or similar that'd handle this though. It looks like it should even be able to handle putting the Espruino + HM-10 into deep sleep modes when needed.


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