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  • Not a problem ... if everyone is ok with it ... then we can just use this thread and let it get as big as we like. If no-one objects, I'll just keep posting small and short status reports here. My thinking is that as it moves along, I want the ESP8266 support to be as open and transparent as possible so the more conversation on it, the better. In one of your last posts, you asked about the serial input ... you are 100% right ... at this point I deliberately disabled serial input. Part of the architecture of the ESP8266 is that it has TWO UARTs. One is used to flash the device and the other is (by default) TX only used for debugging. Because of the nature of what an ESP8266 actually is ... my plan is to add a "telnet" interface to it so that once it is running, you telnet into it by its IP address can then enter JavaScript commands through that mechanism.

    However ... my next challenge is to deeper understand just what we have here and understand the API used to "submit" fragments of JavaScript for execution ...


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