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  • Happy to help!

    I think my issue before was that I was maybe trying to write to the display too soon. The display's datasheet (page 15) mentions a 100ms delay in the power-up sequence. The breakout board has only a VIN which I guess is attached to both VCC and VDD. So I can't attach VCC 100ms after VDD.

    With further testing I intermittently had the screen not turn on. While it looked like the connectSPI() completed (I switch off LED1/2 in the callback) nothing displayed. When it didn't work no commands I sent over SPI and operations on "g" seemed to get it to display.

    By doing a setTimeout() with a 100ms delay before initialising the display I seem to have got around the issue - I've tested it about 30 times and I haven't had a failure to get the display to work.


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