• Firmwares from this one on (so 1v81 and later) are now able to properly power down USB when in Deep Sleep.

    This drops power consumption from 0.25mA down to 0.02mA - so a pretty massive change that should really help with battery life. For instance a single CR2032 watch battery should now power the Pico for around a year.

    To enable it, all you need is the usual setDeepSleep:


    And unlike the Original board, the Pico's wake up timer is accurate to 1/32768 of a second, so it can re-enter deep sleep even when there are relatively short intervals (the original board could only handle this if the interval was greater than around 2 sec).

    Let me know if you hit any problems - tests so far have been good though.

    The board itself is capable of getting even lower power consumption, so hopefully a few more firmware tweaks and we can get under 0.01mA.


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