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  • As far as RAM, Espruino needs probably 1kB for static stuff (depending on what's included), then maybe 3kB for stack and the rest is variable storage. On the bigger boards I leave more for stack as it helps with recursion though.

    I'm happy to help out where possible. There's some info on and as well as several posts on the forum from people asking about porting (a few are quite recent). I'm also doing a talk in October at Fullstack on the internals - which should be recorded, so I'll link to that when it's up.

    However from what I can see on that GitHub, most of the hard work has already been done? It's probably just a bit of bugfixing/tweaking required?

    Maybe WiFi isn't included in it yet, which would be the big one? However actually adding support requires very little knowledge of Espruino - you're just implementing this interface


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