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  • Thanks! Glad it's all positive :)

    I guess Serial1.setup(9600,{parity:none}) is a good example - something I've seen posted up here in code, and that works perfectly fine normally.

    The most frustrating as far as I'm concerned is a===undefined, which I feel should still work, but doesn't after ReferenceError.

    But yes, I've lost count of all the bugs that ReferenceError would have alerted me to - I can't wait to get it in!

    I've been in two minds about having switchable features - in a way it'd help, but then it makes the code more complex and harder to maintain... If ReferenceError were on by default then code would still break when someone updated, and if it were off by default then most people won't know to turn it on.

    Pushing all the stuff into a big release is an option I guess (I don't have any other major breakages planned though!) - but do you think there's a chance that it could be a bit like Python 2.7 -> 3, where if you do too many changes in one go, people just give up and stay using the old one?


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