• I think learning and using other packages than Eagle is a good idea. I feel there's is much more similarities between the other I've tried than Eagle has with any of them. With KiCAD f.ex you're learning to use EE CAD in terms of navigation and UI (KiCAD has a slightly weird way to do symbol-to-footprint but every package has it's quirks).

    I will convert my open source projects to Altium Circuit Maker as I really like the way it feels (though KiCAD is more productive due to the fact I know, and there is, shortkeys).

  • I've found Altium to be a bit slow and finding parts is a learning curve. Also, no Linux, which isn't too bad but I've been using it for all my programming lately. It is interesting how the parts tie into actual part numbers and pricing though. I might just need to get used to it. Unfortunately, most CAD programs seem to have awkward learning curves and controls, regardless of whether they're for pcbs, modelling, CNC, etc.


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