• @the1laz I downloaded and installed Altium Circuit Maker and your right, it supports eagle files. The downside to Altium Circuit Maker is it's community driven and requires internet access to work on your project :-/

    @Jorgen I downloaded and installed KiCad, but I have yet to figure out how to install https://github.com/DanChianucci/Eagle2KiĀ­cad apparently I don't have Tkinter installed for python. I'm still stuck on the installation process of Tkinter.

    @Gordon I wasn't aware Eagle was free for personal use and was under the impression due to the license changes that there was a small fee for the "light version". However, I was wrong and installed eagle.

    Eagle Cad seems to be the easiest approach, for me atleast :-)

  • @d0773d Good to hear that you've got something working. I use eagle for my boards, only because that's what I started with and I'm happy with it. There's a lot of debate about which free/cheapish pcb cad program is the best, but what I like about eagle is that it seems to be the more widely supported one in terms of libraries and open source schematics.

  • @the1laz Ya, I'm noticing the popularity with using Eaglecad and I did notice the plethora of libraries and open source schematics available.

    Eagle cad is bit of a learning curve for me. I still can't figure out how to add two 3 position headers at 17.78 MM apart.


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