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  • @user55329 so you tried the test function on the ESP8266 page - do you get anything out of it at all, even with different baud rates?

    The extra components shouldn't be required, but as @DrAzzy says the capacitor could be handy to make WiFi connections more reliable. The resistors were just to allow the ESP12 to enter proper low power sleep modes - but it should be fine without them.

    It'd be worth checking with a meter to make sure that the 0.05" pins on the end of the Espruino are actually connected to the PCB, and not shorted together.

    I just pasted the circuit diagram below - you could check that the pins are all connected to the ESP8266 as expected.

    Just in case anyone else checks this, you can install a Pinned pico without removing the pins. Just put the Pico down flat on a desk and then get a knife and push the 2 strips of black plastic away from the board. You can then pull them off the pins, and can solder the Pico on the board while keeping the pins sticking out the bottom.

    @Jorgen did you try without the components? You should still be able to get something out of it, even if it's not reliable without the cap.

    ... but then I don't have an ESP12 here to test with I'm afraid - so I'm kind of reliant on your feedback.

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