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  • I'm no hardware guru, so apologies for the obvious naiveté(s). I'm only a little out on limb, but it's just stuff, so some trial and error is par for the course; I'll come out stronger at the end. Thanks in advance for your forbearance and assistance.­d/blob/master/Pico/Adaptors/eagle/esp826­6_esp12.brd

    I had 3 of these made, and ordered the corresponding esp12's (ESP8266 as SMD board) from Adafruit. In retrospect, the pin version would have been easier for prototyping, but this looks so clean! Anyway: so far, so good. I removed the pins from my pico and got it and the esp12 soldered onto the shim board, woo hoo! Espruino works in the IDE, so I didn't cause any shorts, but no love on access to Serial2 per the guidelines.

    Fast forward to morning: It seems on inspection of the Eagle file, that I failed to recognize that there are three 4.7k resistors and a 10µF capacitor that also need to be added in order to complete the design. Yep, there's the pads for them. First: is that correct? Second, how do I know which way to connect the capacitor?

    Thanks in advance,

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